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The Definitive Top Ten Websites for Bikers

Obsessed with motorbikes, but not sure how to learn more and stay up to date with developments? Here are some great resources for you to use!

1. These guys are well and truly up to date. Alongside the blog, they produce digital and paper prints of their newspaper. They produce a whopping 51 issues a year! And subscription’s a steal, at only £45 per annum.

2. This is an amazing website that only shows you webpages you’ll be interested in. Simple make an account and register motorbikes as an interest. You’ll definitely be surprised by what it pulls up for you!

3. Looking for a laugh? Try , a site specialising in motorcycle related jokes. Not suitable for children!

4. Not just for crafts and baking! This website allows you to follow particular interests, and your homepage will be constantly updated with new posts. You can also follow particular ‘boards’ about specific topics, such as fixing your own bike, and new gear.

5. For a guide to motorcycle events across the UK, try These festivals offer many attractions, but the best thing is that they bring bike lovers together from around the country!

6. offer manuals for most motorbikes, which are hefty volumes but are interesting reading. Diagrams take you through the ‘anatomy’ of your bike, and teach you how to make basic repairs.

7. Watch races on TV shows such as MotoGP. You can watch it live on Make sure to complete the experience with an ice cold beer!

8. Visit a motorcycle museum, to get up close with the classics. Major museums include The National Motorcycle Museum, the Lakeland Motor Museum, and the London Motorcycle Museum.

9. Find the perfect route for your next trip at, which lists over 12,000 route reviews. You can even discuss your best trips with some of its 30,000 members.

10. This blog! (See all of our posts here on the webuyanybike blog) Over time we’ll be publishing dozens of posts for you, all about bike riding! If you have a request for a post, we’d love to hear.

Got any other resources you're dying to share? Leave a comment below!

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