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Best Bike-cams and Viral Bike-cam Videos of 2017

We’ve been watching the dashcam footage trend grow for a while now, and just can’t miss out on the fun. Here are our ten favourite (and most shocking) bike cam videos as of 2017, as well as an extra treat: the four top-rated dashcams, so you post the next viral close call video yourself.
(Viewer discretion is advised)

WeBuyAnyBikes' top 10 Bike-Cam Vids from 2017 

  1. A compilation of 10 motorcycle crashes - from high vis clad crashes in the UK to motorway merges from hell in the US.

  2. Wasted - slip and slides in traffic and an ignorant passenger slams their door through bikers glove. 

  3. A Lada takes on 3 bikers at a junction and it ends exactly as you'd expect it to.

  4.  Russian bike-cams prove to be as dramatic as ever, we hope the lad survived.

  5.  Dirt bikers VS. Stupid, US driver cut a biker up and is too cowardly to face the consequences and a lot more drama.

  6. T-boning from hell in Asia and more splattered bikes in this longer compilation.

  7. One cocky rider's many, many mistakes, 5 minutes and 360 fisheye footage.

  8. Fifteen accidents caught on GoPros and dash cams with Russian riders caught cartwheeling over cars, 10 minutes of 15 fails.

  9. Teenage lad thinks it's a good idea to kick out at a biker and a jogger with his knickers in a twist, compilation of helmet cam scenes from riders in the UK.

  10. One of our favourite channels Moto Stars showing us the best in Stupid, Crazy & Angry People VS bikers all year round.


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