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Tips for Staying Comfortable on your Motorbike

If you find yourself grumbling about aches and pains after a ride, have a look at these tips and see what you can do.

• Get a harder saddle. It may seem strange, but a hard saddle (as opposed to a soft one that adapts to your shape) will actually support you better- try it and you’ll see the difference.

• Stretching. This is a basic but vital one- every time you take a break, use the opportunity to stretch out, focusing on the back and knees.

• Ear protection. The irritating sound of whistling wind in your ears can often lead to lingering earache. Make sure you wear a good quality helmet, and if it’s a big problem, look for ‘alpine earplugs’, which are usually sold in motorcycle shops.

• Invest in a back rest. This will take so much strain off your back and shoulders, and you’ll find that, in general, you’ll be less tense. However, these are quite pricey, so do your research before buying one- maybe even test drive a bike with one attached. If you really can’t afford one, just try to keep an eye on your position (and maybe do a few more of those stretches!).

• Take care in the sun. Either apply sun cream to exposed skin… or don’t expose any! You might feel like sun cream is just for kids, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you put your gloves on and they’re chafing on red, raw skin!

• Wear ‘wicking’ underwear. Speaking of chafing…you’ll probably want a few pairs of these to save yourself from it. Soothing creams are all well and good, but it’s better to prevent a problem than solve it. Wicking underwear ‘wicks’ away sweat and helps maintain regular temperature. They cost about as much as good quality normal boxers, and you’ll probably use them on days you’re not riding, too. Just be wary of the sizing- for example, Amazon sizes tend to be a bit optimistic. Another option is padded shorts, which add an extra layer between you and your saddle.

• Keep hydrated. If you’re throat’s dry, you’re already halfway to dehydration. Even if it’s a hassle to stop and get out your water bottle, do it! Just stay away from energy drinks and fizzy pop; they’re diuretics, meaning they’ll make you need to urinate more often.

• Dress for the weather. A thin layer of merino wool can save you from wild shivering on the motorway, which is the last thing you’ll want. Good quality jackets and pants are available which help to moderate temperature. Just don’t forgo a layer in the hot weather- you need all the protection you can get on the road.

Got any of your own tips for keeping comfy on the road? Leave a comment below!

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