National Sea life Centre Birmingham

The National Sea Life Centre is an aquarium that owns more than sixty displays of freshwater and marine life in Birmingham, Brindleyplace and England. The building was designed by Sir Norman Foster. The ocean tank of this Sealife Centre in Birmingham has a capacity of 1,000,000 litres of water where the giant green sea turtles, blacktip reef sharks and tropical reef fish dwells. It also has is a fully transparent 360-degree underwater tunnel in the UK. 


Habitants at the National Sea Life Centre range from otters and penguins to jellyfish and piranhas that are displayed in antarctic pools and rain forest habitats. At the dynamic centre, visitors can grasp the knowledge regarding marine life from around the globe in a series of flamboyant exhibits including underwater tunnel, tropical forest, and penguin enclosure.



National Sealife Centre Attractions 

Make a trip into the underwater world and meet our incredible creatures. Come nose to nose with the Black Tip Reef sharks and spot out the Giant Green Sea Turtle, Molokai, who weighs a huge 20 stone - whoa! As the aquarium is indoors your visit will not be impacted by the weather. 

The National Sea Life Centre is an amusing and highly informative recreational place for family trips and for educational trips. It offers innumerable activities including educational discussions,  interactive feeding demonstrations, and special events. It allows you to enter the penguin’s antarctic enclosure for feeding them. Even a close-up view of sharks is not a big deal once you reserve your tickets for a shark-feeding experience.


Additionally, animal lovers pair a trip to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. The centre is welcoming for wheelchairs. The park has a policy of limiting the number of visitors in any instance. Thereby, don’t take a break and hurry up for booking your tickets for the next vacation spot.


1.Sleepover in the Ocean Tunnel 


Sleepover in the Ocean Tunnel for a calm and unique slumber party experience. You can reserve a sleepover in the ocean tunnel and enjoy the sea life creatures as you sleep. The sleepover package also includes a tour of the centre, a 4D movie screening, games, and activities. The lit-up tunnel lets you enjoy watching marine life as you fall asleep.

2.Penguin Ice Adventure

Travel to the frozen ferocities of the Antarctic and experience life with a colony of Gentoo Penguins. Hear the unquestionable trumpeting sound of the penguins and learn about their quirky antics as they dive under the water or take some time out to relax.

3. Feed a Shark!

Yes! You read it right. Feed a shark with a VIP Shark Feeding Experience. Tame the game and enjoy the experience. 

4.Clownfish Kingdom

Have a sneak peek in the Clownfish Kingdom and you will observe the coral reef with  kaleidoscope colours bustling with activity! This amusing Clownfish Kingdom is teeming with fish of every shape, colour and pattern you can imagine. This is the home of for an adorable  Clownfish thumping in the tentacles of Sea Anemones. 

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