Glasgow Cathedral

A place where one’s heart finds a bright way to enchant life in peace is all we can entitle as a church. But, cathedral is the heart of a church where the bishop is seated on a magnanimous chair. He is accountable of connecting people with God while preaching and and safeguarding the life of the Catholic people of a particular diocese. Similarly, Glasgow is one of the most winsome cathedrals located in Scotland. 


Glasgow Cathedral allures the tourists in a blink of an eye. It is preserved in its mesmerising heritage that often becomes the reason for welcoming plethora of tourists. It is one of the most ancient cathedrals on mainland Scotland and is the prehistoric building in Glasgow. The cathedral encourages public services and associations since it continues its public ownership. 


Glasgow Cathedral History 

The cathedral was constructed before the reformation in the late 12th. Since then, it is serving as the seat of the Bishop. The building is an epitome of Scottish Gothic architecture. The architecture of the building is self explanatory that defines the beauty of it’s preserved history.  

It is also one of the few Scottish medieval churches. The cathedral showed its eminent role in  the battles of Glasgow in 1544 and 1560. Twenty years after the Reformation, James VI allocated the income collected from a number of lands to Glasgow town for the kirk's maintenance. 

Glasgow Cathedral Attractions

Beauty enhances the core aspects of life and so does the beauty and attraction of the places. Similarly, Glasgow Cathedral is among those fascinating places that combines the peace of soul and the childlike excitement together.


1. The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow conducts its classes within the premises of the Cathedral. William Turnbull, Bishop of Glasgow is the pioneer of the University around the year 1451. Later, in 1460, the University shifted out of the Cathedral to an adjacent site on the east side of the High Street, locally known as The College. Currently, the university is located in Gilmorehill.

2.Glasgow Cathedral Choir

The choir in Glasgow Cathedral Choir is comprised of a professional adult ensemble. The melodious and experienced choir sings at the two consecutive Sundays each week. 

The current Director of the choir is Andrew Forbes and the Cathedral Organist is Malcolm Sim. 


3.Exhibitions Of The Cathedral 

There are frequent and flawless exhibitions displayed in the main hall of the cathedral. Additionally, the information panels are installed for guiding the visitors. There is also a brilliant display of aerial photos from across Scotland that offer a unique perspective on the nation’s towns and cities, so you’ll hopefully find something of interest in the cathedral even if you’re not the religious type.


4. The Mid-Thirteenth Century Crypt 


Another fascinating aspect to be in Glasgow Cathedral is its mid-thirteenth century crypt that is constructed to house the tomb of St Kentigern. In the early-fifteenth century a ‘pulpitum was constructed with an enriching carved stone screen isolates the choir from the nave. 

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