Cadbury world

Unwrap the world of chocolatey delights and celebrate a fascinating, fun-packed day out at Cadbury World! You’ll see yourself how your heart-felt confectioneries are made. Get ready to enjoy the virtual chocolate rain, and combine your favorite treat with a mouthwatering pot of warm melted Cadbury Dairy Milk. Familiarize with the origins of the cocoa bean, before hopping into the magical ‘Cadabra’ ride, and interacting the very own Cadbury drumming gorilla. Yes! This all is only possible in the Cadbury world. 


A visit to Cadbury World is not just a mundane factory tour. You’ll explore the sweet history, the manufacturing and the magic of Cadbury chocolates while evoking your sense of smell, sight, and taste for the place where chocolate really comes to life.



Cadbury Characters

Cadbury offers you to join Freddo and the whole gang of Cadbury characters. It’ll whip you with a magical journey in the 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema experience and with motion rides. Plunge into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and talk to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship, piloted by the Caramel Bunny.


Kid-Pleasing Activities

With fourteen different zones, there's something winsome for all the family to enjoy. From a journey through the history of Cadbury marketing to the kid-pleasing 4D cinema experience, Cadbury World is offering an action-packed day out, no matter what the weather is. 


World's Biggest Cadbury Shop

Don't forget to break-off by the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop before you leave. Take away the special gifts and factory-fresh value bundles. You'll be able to stock up on Cadbury's finest without burdening your pockets. For an extra special treat, you can book in advance and enjoy delightful afternoon tea in the on-site cafe with scrumptious sandwiches and special Cadbury delicacies.


Wake Your Chocoholic Dreams with Cadbury 

A not to be missed destination for chocoholics of all ages, Cadbury World in Birmingham. It is loaded with fun, indoor activities and things to do when it rains. Not a single chocoholic can ever claim to have lived a life to the fullest until they’ve tasted Cadbury many famous delights. That's probably why half a million chocoholics visit Cadbury World every year. And, it makes sense. 

Unveil the secrets behind Cadbury’s Dairy Milk that was first launched in 1905, and feel honoured for getting a chance to see how it is created first-hand. For sure, it’s a great opportunity not to miss. Cadbury World is a multi-sensory, captivating and interactive experience. The staff is very much cordial to answer any of your sweet questions throughout the exhibition. 


Fun For Visually Impaired Visitors 

Most importantly, Cadbury World also takes care of visually impaired visitors by letting them feel and touch key props at various stages. This objective is achieved when the chocolatiers hand out the moulds while they give their demonstrations to the visually impaired visitors.


Yes! Guide Dogs Are Allowed 

Guide dogs are allowed throughout the exhibition except in production areas. Cadbury World has a proper guide dog sitting service at this part of the experience along with additional assistance by the staff of the chocoholic dream place.


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